Protecting family wealth
and striving to increase it

Protecting family wealth
and striving to increase it

With endless investment opportunities at your disposal, the ultimate challenge is choosing the right investment, making smart decisions, applying intelligent considerations. Precisely for that purpose, we developed the protected investment model. This unique investment model protects your family wealth and aims to increase it, with our smart decision-making tool.

The model is based on close to five decades of aggregate experience in investment management in Israel and abroad, conducting in-depth investment analysis for every investment with the help of our international network of professionals, and focusing our attention on a limited number of investors. These advantages lead to smart decision-making and open the window to assets inaccessible to most investment entities.


Designing your investment strategy

Designing your long-term strategy while achieving total compatibility with your dynamic needs and with changing market conditions.

Taxes, pension funds, and multigenerational wealth

Addressing the whole picture: everything that influences management of family wealth, including taxes, estate planning, and retirement planning.

Relationship banking

Strategic bank relations to increase profitability of your investment and possible savings in costs, while including a personally tailored choice of banks in Israel and abroad and saving on your banking fees.

Real estate investments

Extensive experience in real estate investments in Israel and abroad, including private capital investments in the international real estate arena.

Investment in private companies

Unique investment opportunities inaccessible to the public-at-large and not traded on the stock exchange, including direct investment in companies, investment in leading private equity funds, and a broad range of fields of investment.


Rosetta Investments was established in 2008, on the heels of the global economic crisis. Company founder, Orit Raviv Swery, with decades of professional experience in international markets to her credit, saw how changing capital markets were emerging in front of her eyes. Facing a growing need for creating financial stability, Rosetta Investments works to protect family wealth using every means at its disposal, including close to five decades of experience, professional connections, and unique investment tools.