Taxes, pension funds,
and multigenerational wealth

Taxes, pension funds, and multigenerational wealth
Addressing the whole picture – everything that influences management of family wealth

To protect your family wealth and manage it efficiently, Rosetta Investments relates to the broad scope of considerations beyond investment portfolio management – from tax issues involved in different channels of investment to the distribution of your assets to the next generation.

What's included in our broad scope planning:

Personal considerations

thinking together about the matters requiring special attention: needs derived from your desires, values, and family structure; sensitive issues, and matters with economic implications for comprehensive planning of investments and revenues.

Tax consultation

selecting various investment channels while taking various tax implications for each option into account.

Estate and gifts

managing the process for you, with the assistance of our network of experts and making adjustments in consideration of legal, financial, and family matters.


creating financial security for retirement by taking actions today, including examining pension plans, setting goals and actualizing them by strategic investments.

Rosetta Investments' broad scope planning will enable you to protect all aspects of your family wealth, now, and for the future.