Banking and banking relationships

Relationship banking
Strategic banking relationships to increase profitability for your investment

Selecting the banks where your accounts are managed and managing routine relations with them directly impacts on your portfolio’s performance and your assets’ distribution. Different banks, for example, charge different fees and place different investment tools at your disposal.
Our aggregate management experience in a long line of key positions in the banking system, combined with the web of connections we have woven over the years, enables us to select suitable banks according to client investment needs.

How our banking relationships serve you

Tax and regulatory considerations

selecting banks in Israel and abroad in accordance with tax and regulatory considerations.

Selecting investment tools

selecting banks in accordance with investment tools relevant to your needs.

Financing solutions

total suitability of the solution and the bank to the client, in terms of level of investment activity and level of business activity.

Savings in fees

our familiarity with the banking systems in Israel and abroad enables us to combine portfolios between different banks and save on fees.

In addition to assistance in selecting banks, we assist with managing routine relations with the bank to get the best basket of services over the long term.