Investment in private companies

Investment in private companies
Unique investment opportunities inaccessible to the public-at-large and not traded on the stock exchange

We, at Rosetta Investments understand that there are many investment opportunities, which for various reasons, including bureaucratic and regulatory matters, are not traded on the stock exchange. Rosetta Investments opens the window to a whole world of investments in private companies, offering clients opportunities inaccessible to the public-at-large.

Which companies are we talking about?

Direct investment in companies

investing in companies in early or late stages, following a comprehensive check. In some cases, Rosetta Investments' experts sit on the boards of directors and are actively involved in decision-making processes.

Private equity investments

investing in the leading private equity funds in their fields in Israel and abroad.

A wide range of investment opportunities

investing in companies in the fields of medicine, media, technology, infrastructure, etc.

Even after making an investment, we monitor and track your portfolio performance for optimum return and to disable risk-potential in real time.