Our methods

Our protected investments model
for family wealth management

Our protected investments model
for family wealth management

A unique investment model generating financial stability and increased returns by using smart decision-making tools

Recommending an investment of one kind or another out of hundreds of possibilities is a service commonly provided. The question remains: which course of action will produce the highest level of security and certainty for you? We developed our protected investments model precisely in order to answer that question. This unique model protects your family wealth and aims to increase it, wisely and safely.

The road to
smart investment

Designing your investment profile

We conduct a series of in-depth checks based on meetings with you, the client, to examine your current situation, define your goals and tweak the character of your investment.

Professionally savvy, gathering the Intelligence you need

Rosetta Investments' professional network extends to a wide range of investment channels across the globe. Over the years, our investment experts have worked in financial markets abroad, weaving an intricate web of connections with professional parties throughout the world. We use interwoven threads and leads as we make decisions for smart investments and continuously seek to identify multiple, unique opportunities around the world.

Getting to work

That's what happens as we create a detailed investment document for the investor, citing the major attributes of the proposal, the recommended mix, its advantages for the investor, and the potential revenues. Every decision regarding a portfolio is made in complete synchrony with the investor.

Monitoring and active tracking

Rapid responses to market occurrences and neutralizing potential risks are the result of our routine contact with various investment entities, from periodic meetings with capital fund managers, and our active search for deviations, to membership on boards of directors to enhance our role in advising you on investments in private equity.

Satellite view

A periodic report providing an overview, presenting all holdings and performance of the portfolio during the report period and offering insights of major significance. In accordance with that picture, on a quarterly basis, we will make adjustments and tactical adaptations of the portfolio to accommodate changing needs, portfolio performance, and market swings.

How we can put you
at ease financially

Rosetta Investments is an elite unit, performing special investment missions. The focus on a limited number of investors enables us to grant our full attention to each investor at every intersection important to the investor, from investment decisions to aspects of family concern affecting the composition of the portfolio.


Results on the ground

Five decades of proven experience in investment management in Israel and abroad, including positive results for revenues for over 10 consecutive years. This is all while protecting the capital fund and using aggregate returns to improve the investor's quality of life.

A range of investment options in Israel and abroad

Including alternative investments, real investments, private equity investments, real estate investments, and classic investments in the capital market.

Multilevel protection

Achieving stability and hedging risks even under challenging market conditions, with the help of an international network for precise examination of every investment, by distributing investments wisely and actively monitoring different investment channels.

Identifying obscure investment opportunities

With the help of Rosetta Investments' international network of connections, our clients are privy to investment opportunities inaccessible to most investors.

Maximizing performance

By looking at the whole picture and considering important factors, including choice of bank and tax implications.

Personally, tailored investment portfolio

Instead of duplicating portfolios, our experts put together an investment portfolio tailored to your unique needs.

Exclusive service

By an elite unit that provides VIP service and escorts you step-by-step.