Real estate investments

Real estate investments
Enjoying all the benefits real estate investments have to offer and avoiding the pitfalls

Obscurely wedged in the realm of real estate, lies a world of opportunities for shares of your investment portfolio, filled with potential for maximizing on your returns. However, due to the complexity, investing in real estate deals can turn into a honeycomb if you lack the necessary tools. To protect your family wealth and choose the most profitable deals, Rosetta Investments’ experts provide rich experience in real estate deals in Israel and abroad.

How we lead you to a wise investment in real estate

Identifying real estate opportunities

Our international network of experts reaches dozens of real estate deals, in Israel and throughout the world, in order to identify investment opportunities.


רוצה להשקיע בפרויקט נדל"ן? do you want to invest in a real estate project? Our experts will conduct a comprehensive check and analyze the numbers, and the structure of the project costs, and will speak with the project entrepreneurs and examine investment feasibility.

Hedging risks

by analyzing potential revenues vs. various risks, in order to make an educated decision and put together the deal.

Supervision of all aspects of the real estate deal

including tax implications for the asset in Israel and abroad, with the help of leading professionals.

Our professional team will assist you in selecting the smartest real estate investments for you in the most responsible manner.