financial management

Total compatibility with your goals, your needs, and changing market conditions

There are hundreds of options for investment tools. Which one will bring the return on investment and highest level of security for you? The answer differs in accordance with your needs, goals, and personal characteristics, as well as shifting market conditions. In order to protect your wealth at any given moment, we at Rosetta Investments adhere to a breathable approach – on the one hand, designing a long-term strategy, and on the other hand flexibility to adapt completely to your dynamic needs and the changing market situation.

How we design your investment strategy

Financial planning

thorough mapping of financial sources and their characteristics (such as liquidity) for examining relevant investment channels.

Setting goals

what are your personal and family goals for the near future? For 10 years? 20 years? The next 30 years? Rosetta Investments' experts will design an investment strategy for you according to these parameters.

Identifying investment opportunities

over the years we have forged an international network of experts which extends to a broad range of investment channels across the globe and helps identify unique opportunities.

Asset allocation

in order to make smart investments and keep your level of security high, we conduct a thorough check of each and every asset in Israel and abroad with the help of our international network of experts.

Monitoring and active tracking

quick response to occurrences by routine connection to different investment entities, periodic meetings with capital fund managers, actively scrutinizing for irregularities, and membership on boards of directors
of some private equities.

This all leads to protection of your family wealth and increasing your potential returns.